Don’t Fear It: Embracing Life’s Journey

calenderRather than focusing solely on his own experience, Dale has interviewed multiple professionals, family members and friends about fear and how it impacts our lives, both negatively and positively. Dale has determined there are 4 key areas where the emotion of FEAR dwells: Professional, social, mental and physical. As a result of these interviews, as well as his personal experiences, Dale has identified the necessary building blocks to overcome fear and achieve success, regardless of what form it is in. This program is not the Dale J. Spencer story, but rather universal experiences that affect us all. This presentation consists of 4 steps to success:


Dale begins by discussing the components of identifying your fear. He then explores the different types of fear and ways to take the “teeth” out of fear by painting an image of why it is so scary and what the worst case scenario could be. Audience scenarios are encouraged.  This is the gateway to living a life with a healthy relationship with fear.


Dale then explains the necessary steps to taming your fears by making a plan and a back-up plan. The all important step of starting the action required to face your fears and the inevitable need to adapt your plan of action to the reality at hand. Several examples from a variety of different areas of life are discussed.


A discussion of the possible outcomes of implementing a plan to face your fears and the long term effects of taking control of your life.  Dale introduces the audience to a new mindset where doors of opportunity are ALWAYS opening.


Dale illustrates how to continue to grow and experience new aspects of life by using your fears as a fuel to carry you to places you never thought you would go.

A question and answer session follows each program.



A portion of the proceeds from all speaking engagements will be donated to ThinkFirst Injury Prevention.