I am ready to be Honorably Discharged….NOW WHAT?!?!

Many of us have an innate fear of change in order for us to follow that path of success.  Some of us look at it true pain in the butt.  Others view it too obstructive and would rather follow the path to, ultimate, mediocrity (AKA…Staying in their comfort zone). I recently connected with a soon to be veteran who has some extremely tough choices ahead for him and his family.

“Thank you so much for taking time out of what must be an extremely busy schedule to reach out to me. My name is Bob.  I am an active duty soldier,  married with two kids.

I recognize that although time isn’t running out, I am no longer 21 with my whole life ahead of me. And as such I realize that if I am going to become the man I want to be I have to start NOW. The military has been good to me, I have served overseas and I have seen combat. I am lucky because in spite of some of the close calls I have had I was never seriously hurt.

I want to transition out of the military and start my own business…….NO!!  I AM going to transition out of the military and start my own business. I want to be able to provide more for my family and be able to enjoy more time with them as well. My fear is failure! I am fearful of not being a success and putting myself and my family in a position where we are struggling to make ends meet. I do believe that as Americans we live in the greatest country on earth, I believe that this country will reward hard work and persistence. I am not naïve however and I see that it is hard out there. My discharge from the military won’t be until 2016 when my current enlistment contract ends. I am using this year, while I still have the safety net of a pay check, to start a website that will hopefully start to generate some income. If I make a dollar I will see that there is potential and that will drive me forward. I have set a deadline to have it up and running. I can’t afford to fail.  The goals I have for me and my family are riding on my success.”


Bob has already made that decision (Which I believe is half the battle).  Half = 50% with is STILL a failing grade.  While that ultimate decision is a harrowing one, he is only at the beginning of the battle.  He has some of the details he knows that he HAS to accomplish.  However, there is a plethora of building blocks he must put into place in order to have a solid business plan.

Basking in that security blanket of having a steady paycheck is burying him in his comfort zone.  There should be some pragmatic steps for him to set forth.  Begin a regiment of daily routines which will turn into good habits.  2016 is less than a year from now.  Be proactive on your questions of “Why am I starting this business? How am I going to market myself?  When should I get incorporated?  Which friends and associates have built successful businesses from the ground up and can I grab some ideas from them to integrate them into my own business plan? Do NOT fear these ‘devil is in the details’ minutiae.  Set the plan and, incrementally, move it forward on a daily basis.

Do NOT start tomorrow!  Prepare for your future success and begin today!



FEAR NOT!  Embrace Life’s Journey.


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