FEAR NOT:  Embrace Life’s Journey!  As I prepare for today’s Keynote at Franczek Radelet in Chicago, I think of this statement. I believe that I have the positive and persistent portions down like no one’s business! The patient part: Not so much. For a serious portion of my life, I had made rash decisions. I had a tough time being patient with ANYTHING. I wanted it done yesterday!! This spanned from my professional to my personal life. It took a crazy, traumatic injury to understand that this life is NOT a sprint rather, a marathon. I have come to terms that every decision has to be purposeful, deliberate and well thought out.

Yes, I continue to have that adrenaline rush to jump (Figuratively) into that day’s project completed because I want to tackle the next thing that comes across my desk. I have since learned to take a step back, view the individual task and then look at it from the 30K high view. How will this task help my end goal? Will it get me that much closer to ‘the prize’? For example, very Keynote I deliver has been dissected and analyzed by me well before the delivery. This is no more than a routine that I perform on each occasion. This formula works on every aspect of my life.

Have you been in a similar position? Taking the high road and exerting that persistence to reach that goal is a big part of that equation. However, if you do not have the where with all to, strategically and patiently, attack that task, then that missing link may cost you.  Thanks



  1. I am a very impatient person. I have a team member who is the opposite and I just marvel at her temperament. So cool and level headed ALWAYS.
    How powerful that would be if that ( patience) is added to myself and how I do things.
    I am learning very deliberately to be deliberate.
    You might be slow but then the result is always on point as we say back here in Lagos.
    I sometimes look foolish when I make mistakes that a little patience could have avoided.
    Not how fast but how well……….

    Thanks for sharing.

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