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post itOvercoming Fear in Your Personal and Professional Life

Is there something you are afraid of? Is there something you are afraid to face? Dale Spencer had to face his fears, in order to recreate his life. Dale was leading the life of an average college student when at the age of 20 an unforeseen injury changed his life forever. Left paralyzed, Dale had to adapt to new ways of doing everyday tasks, getting around, interacting with people, finishing college and entering the workforce…..

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 Dale J. Spencer Shares “Fear Not” Philosophy, Part I

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Dale J. Spencer, a successful mortgage broker and public speaker who just launched a new company, Dale J. Spencer, Inc., to accelerate his public speaking services to deliver a message – “Fear Not” – to motivate and inspire people, from high school-aged students through seasoned businessmen and women.

By Edward M. Bury, APR, to read the rest of Part 1 click here.

Dale J. Spencer Shares “Fear Not” Philosophy, Part II

1. Fear of public speaking is rated as the number 1 fear of most people, even above the fear of death.  Did you experience any fear when you began public speaking, and if so, how did you overcome it?

If someone had told me back in high school or college that I would willingly become a public speaker, I would have laughed myself silly.   Throughout high school and most of college, whenever I was presented with a public speaking situation, I would go completely blank after about 25 seconds.  I would then skulk back to my seat, a failure.  After my injury, a professor asked me to speak about what had happened to me before a group of 600,   I thought, “Was this guy crazy? Was I crazy?”  I finally agreed.

By Edward M. Bury, APR, to read the rest of Part 2 click here.

Fear Not and Embrace Life’s Journey

Dale Spencer had a preventable accident at the age of 20 and was left paralyzed. Listen to his encouraging and inspiring message on Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio. Listen to the full interview here.

Never Let Go of Your Life’s Goals: With Dale Spencer

Keynote speaker and author of the upcoming book F.E.A.R. N.O.T. – Embrace Life’s Journey, Dale Spencer joins Relaunch! to share the two main ingredients that have steeped his courage, accelerated his professional growth and helped him achieve his goals. Listen to the full interview here.

Professional Motivational/Inspirational Speaker Dale J. Spencer  Launches Business to Better Spread The “FEAR NOT” Philosophy

Bartlett Business Leader Strengthens Commitment to Promoting Ways to Overcome Fear
and Reach Personal and Professional Success

Dale J. Spencer, a long-established mortgage professional and keynote speaker, has formed a new venture designed to create more face-to-face speaking opportunities before business, civic, medical, real estate, educational and other audiences within greater metropolitan Chicago and across the nation.

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Bartlett keynote speaker delivers motivation

By Kim Mikus

“Q: What has been the most difficult obstacle in running a small business?”

A: Making the decision to start a career as a keynote speaker couldn’t happen overnight, so I’m continuing with my real estate profession at the same time.  I have been balancing two careers since I made that pivotal decision.  In order to progress successfully, I have relied on my

perseverance and the important concept of time management. Some may say it is difficult, maybe improbable, to “juggle” Bartlett Rotary 0510 11two careers. In my opinion, if you have the drive to be happy in every aspect of your life, then you must take the appropriate steps to achieve these goals.

Q: What do you most enjoy about operating your business?”

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October 9. 2012 Interview with Ronald Levitsky on the public access television program, “Friends of Ron.

On October 9. 2012 Ronald Levitsky interviewed Dale Spencer on the public access television program, “Friends of Ron.”  The program is entitled, “Thinking First,” and deals with Mr. Spencer’s overcoming the adversity of a crippling accident to share with adults and, especially, children the importance of thinking first before engaging in risky behavior.  Mr. Spencer also discussed his latest endeavor in public speaking – how to overcome fear.  His knowledge and enthusiasm for the message he makes this a show you won’t want to miss.  The program will be broadcast weekly during November, 2012 in Deerfield, Highland Park, Highwood, and Winnetka, Illinois.  Check the Highland Park (IL) Senior Center’s website for dates and times.