Recommended Reading

Panel Dale

Secrets of Successful Speakers by Lilly Walters
      Lilly speaks of the credibility of a successful speaker.   I enjoyed, particularly, the tools of overcoming stage fright and presenting a professional image when a speaker is on stage.
Do not go Naked into your next Presentation
      I study this one EVERY time before doing each Keynote.  It has SO many wonderful tips a speaker needs to perform a successful speech.  A few of my favorite tips are ‘Rehearsing’, ‘Body Language’ and the ever so horrific ‘Hostile Audiences’.  I, highly, recommend this to novice AND veteran speakers.
The greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino
 Og Speaks much about Wisdom and personal generosity.  He stresses the fact that it is imperative to , develop good habits, greet each day with love in your heart,  persist until you succeed, always to live in the moment and be the dominant in mastering your emotions.
Conquer Fear by Lisa Jimenez
  This book speaks much on fear of rejection. Fear of making decisions. Fear of change. Fear of failure.  Then, it rounds about to go in depth with ‘ fear of success’! It just paralyzes people with fear.  Lisa works the practical action plan to overcome these obstacles…there are many anecdotes and humor that lets this book relate to all who read it.  This could be geared towards a sales/and or leadership teams.
In The YIKES Zone!  A Conversation With Fear  by Mermer Blakeslee
  This is a solid read because it discusses comfort as a result of overcoming fear.  This, as a a result of the end acceptance of Fear itself.   Look at it as a workbook not to define fear but to utilize it for managing and conquering FEAR.  Some of my Power Points originate from Mermer’s  very concept.
Feel the Fear and Do It Any Way  by Susan Jeffers, PhD.
  Dr. Jeffers connects the dots with this practical approach of overcoming difficulty in making decisions on a daily basis.  She integrates a multi step process that alleviates the ‘negativee static’ in the background.  Being a visual thinker, she helped me with visualization techniques on working through my steps of overcoming virtually any fear that steps in my way.  
A Test of Will by Warren McDonald
   If you want to read about a test of courage, will and determination; then peruse this heart tremmering tale.  McDonald takes you on a journey from his traumatic injury that resulted in a double amutee situation to climbing the heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  This book is a tough on to put down, folks!
The Fastest Way to Create a Memorable Speech ASAP  by William Mooney & Donald J. Noone PhD
  This is a pure ‘How to write a speech book’.  It is an easy read.  He writes on the actual process to writing a solid speech through his methodology.   Mooney also utilizes many easy to follow  examples throughout  the “how to,” process.   He analyzes the steps on speech writing.
Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  This one is an oldie but goodie.  Hill wrote this success book masterpiece pre WWII.  He interviewed MANY titans of industry back in the day.   Business leaders use these stories to add to their current successes.  This is NOT a one time read.  There are SO many tips to help you in your every day professional life.
How to Deliver A Great TED Talk
  I watch a TED talk via You Tube on a DAILY basis…Luminaries, such as Daniel Pink and Sir Ken Robinson, lend their expertise to craft humorous techniques.  This book emphasizes building credibility, a magnificent opening and and unforgettable closing.  I recommend this one for veteran speakers to up their game.
How to Talk so People Listen by Sonya Hamlin
  This book was given to me by a friend and colleague.  He knew that I was making a transition into the Keynote Speaking business.   This, in his opinion, was the top on his list of recommendations.  Sonya stresses the fact there there NEEDS to be practical tools in order to improve spoken communication.     Conversational delivery vehicle at its finest!
A Leader’s Guide to Storytelling by Stephen Denning
  Stephen stresses the concept of the narrative craft.  We, as speakers, need to make our point directly and professionally.  He pushes us business people on how to lead in a organizational type of atmosphere.  All mid to upper level management people SHOULD have this guide on their shelves.
Strengths Finder  by Tom Rath
 I bought this book in order to help build on my strengths.  What I did not know that there was an analysis/survey to ascertain what kind of a person (Professionally and personally) I am.  It ranges from ‘Activator’ to ‘Belief’.   This has many examples on how the results can help be applicable to your life to build on your success.
 Present Like a Pro by Cyndi Maxey, CSP and Kevin E. O’Connor, CSP
 Purely a guide for the novice speaker who has never performed on stage.  Cyndi and Kevin advocate the practice/language and interpretation of any subject matter to be conveyed in front of an audience.    They also touch on the sales side in interacting in front of potential clients.
Public Speaking by Michael & Suzanne Osborn
  Strictly, a workbook for speakers….It discusses issues such as:Multicultural diversity, audience analysis, narratives and testimonials (along with many more speaker tools).
Uncertainty  by Jonathan Fields
  Jonathan dives into the concept of uncertainty in life that results in fear, anxiety and paralysis.    He goes into the actual science of fear and I love it!!!!   As a fear conqueror, I know that we need to take a pragmatic approach to overcoming any adversity.  
7 Habits of Highly Effective People  by Stephen Covey
  Stephen Covey hits the ball out of the park with this book.  He forms a rock solid foundation for effective communication.  This is a how to book on how we can, positively, impact others.  His ideologies span from success in business to defining a pure way of life.    If you want to, philosophically, change for the better, you must read this best seller.
Thank My Lucky Stars by Ward Foley, PhD
  A heartfelt memoir of Ward Foley, a recipient of some bad situations in life (Beginning at his birth).  Ward shows us that each scar we have (Externally and internally), help build our character to the people we are today.  No matter what circumstance has brought you down, we have the power to pick ourselves up.  
The Adversity Advantage by Paul Stoltz & Erik Weihenmayer
  Speaks on how potent adversity is in ones life.  FOr overriding this and arriving to achievement, the book gives practical advice and tips to integrate this concept in one’s life.  Erik also has a wonderful story about reaching the tallest peak on every continent…Oh, by the way, he is blind!
A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times by Pema Chodron
  Chodron writes on choices to awaken ourselves, accept ourselves and to tap into our natural reservoirs of humor, flexibility, courage and wisdom.  Using her practices as a Buddhist, Pema shows us how to bring order to our disorderly lives.  
Adversity Quotient by Paul Stoltz PhD
  Obstacles will ALWAYS be in our way.  This speaks loudly about how these obstacles result in failure.  We can be the controller of our events in life, NOT the controlled.  Whether it be personal mastery, Team building or leadership success, Adversity Quotient will control that way to think to get back on the road to success.
The 100/0 Principle by Al Ritter
  Al expands and highlights one of his chapters from ‘Life is a Paradox’ onto a fast pace reading experience.  He exclaims the points of our realistic relationships.  They span from its successes, pitfalls, the complexities and how to come to cultivate a great relationship.  It is not only just a one time read.  There are profound quotes, anecdotes and suggestions that can be perused over and over.
Team Clock by Steve Ritter
  Perfect for business owners, mid to higher level managers who wants to enhance their team through collaboration and leadership .  DO you want to build and maintain a high performance team, then read this practical book.  Through easy to understand process, you can map out the road to success in your business by helping everyone in your company build on their strengths to finish to a common goal.
Effective Presentation Skills by Steve Mandel
  Just a workbook to show techniques, Enthusiastic and Persuasive presentations.  Just do’s and don’ts to giving a quality lecture.
Life is a Paradox by Al Ritter
  Al is a personal friend and mentor.  He speaks, mainly, on important lessons in ones personal and professional life.  He speaks of natural paradoxes and how to obtain success by giving real life examples.  Powerful chapters, including a tear jerker about his daughter.
Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson
  This is a combination of how a world class attitude and a practical method that resulted in a whammy or an unbelievable successful career/life.  Masterson speaks on how he started his business from scratch, how he grew his revenues and how he utilized other people’s talents to do all of the hard work.  Entrepreneurs…Listen up!  You may integrate these tools to bring your business to the next level.  This is, specifically, a business building how to book.   
Resonate by Nancy Duarte
   Nancy rocks with this practical book on how to deliver a successful speech.  She dives into the different ways to connect with an audience.   She boldens the writing landscape concerning effective content through enthusiasm.  I have read this gem several times !!!!
It’s Not Just Who You Know by Tommy Spaulding  
    I took away the fact that Success comes down to relationships.  Not only procuring but cultivating long lasting professional relationships to bring you to the next level.  This inspires me to, consistently, building my connections on a DAILY basis.
I Can See You Naked by Ron Hoff
  This gem is the first I ever read in the speaking realm.  It is a a practical, easily read, humorous guide to enjoying public speaking.
The Opportunity with God by Laura Murphy
  Laura is a personal friend of mine.  She is SO heartfelt in her writing.  She has many encounters/quasi interviews  with hospital patients.   She stresses these people’s attitude on life and their sicknesses.  Faith is the proof in their journey to battle these challenges.  An easy read…I have read many of Laura’s  stories to my friends.