That Injury Didn’t Have to Happen

Half DaleThis is the Dale Spencer Story. It is a genuine retelling of events that forever changed Dale Spencer’s life and firmly placed him on the path that he now follows.  Told in a narrative it is compelling, funny, uplifting, light-hearted and ultimately empowering for all who share the journey.

Dale recounts his life before the injury including his childhood and adolescence; his involvement in sports; his relationships with friends and family.  He relates how he was driven toward independence from an early age and his initial steps into the independent adult world.   Dale explains his “no holds barred” lifestyle of high risks and adrenaline rushes.

Dale relates the events leading up to the injury and the decisions that set the wheels in motion to his life-altering event and the immediate aftermath.

Waking up in the hospital to a new reality and facing the challenges ahead are examined.  Dale explains the operation and ensuing intensive care stay; his move to rehab including physical, mental, and emotional; the financial impact of his injury and his new daily challenges and triumphs.

Hello World! Dale tells of his release from the hospital, re-entry to the “real world” and new challenges. He shares how he came to terms with his dependence on others, altering his social life and new life goals. He details the changes he encountered upon returning to college, ent7299354_mlering the workforce, interacting with people while sitting down and the on-going financial impact. And lastly, he tells of how he was able to achieve his goal of regaining his independence.

Dale tells of his introduction to ThinkFirst Injury Prevention and how he found a new purpose in educating others in critical thinking and problem solving.  Dale’s road to success, as a businessman and as a keynote speaker, is told through anecdotes and life experiences.


Dale’s audiences are left feeling rejuvenated and encouraged. Often facing decisions they had avoided before hearing Dale speak. A new motivation is a common result for audience members. This program of personal accountability and realistic self evaluation stays with audiences for years after the speaking event.

Question and answer session follows every program.

A portion of the proceeds from all speaking engagements will be donated to ThinkFirst Injury Prevention.