The work is never done

In the past, I was obsessed with trying to accomplish EVERY daily responsibility, no matter how remedial. I never had time to smell the roses. I was, constantly, fearful that I would fall behind on my work. I soon realized that the work will never be done.

Since I have rolled on that journey with my Keynote Speaking business, I had the chance to visit many places. Every time I deliver my speeches in other cities, I would purposefully take a personal day to see the sights (i.e. museums, visit friends, sporting events, wonders of the world). I do this for two reasons: First, I appreciate what other cities have to offer. Second, it gives me the time to adequately reflect on my personal and professional life. During these visits, I would relish every moment and realize why I do what I do and what reason I do it for in my life. I have now carved out time daily to reflect on my short/long term personal and professional goals (Even when I am not traveling)

You may not have an occupation that offers the opportunity to travel. This reflection on your life can happen anywhere. While shopping, going to a film or reading a book. Take these moments to appreciate yourself, your health, family, and friends. Take the time to smell the roses.