Accept and Love me…

As my mission to help overcome FEAR expands on to a global basis, I am meeting people with fascinating stories from New York to Indonesia.  That being said, there is the translation of these stories that may NOT 100% efficient.  So, feel free to email me with any email questions about any of my stories (For clarification purposes).

I had the sincere opportunity to chat with Inoka.  She was SO forthcoming when it came to her horrific fears.  Many of us, consciously or subconsciously, have at times experienced a fear of acceptance.  This fear had been so daunting through her entire life.

“I didn’t know that I had been suffering from fears.  Still, I had to face one situation in my life that made me sit alone and reflect for days to find a choice in which way my journey would lead me.

I have been meditating since the past year.  Through this process, everything started coming up just like bubbles in the water.

Before my meditation process began, I clearly saw some steps I had experienced in my life. I can admit   my pain in the past started coming out and knew that I needed heal.  I took time for about a year of understanding the ‘’why’ question.   I figured out the answer and it was FEAR!

When I look back in my life it was as if I had been living with fear all over me.  I never expressed my opinions, never sang/dance in front of anyone, never went alone to super market, bank and so on.  Presently, I am suffering from the fear of accomplishing anything on my own. From my childhood,  all my work was done by my parents.  They were over protected which resulted in a lack of self-confidence. 

Sometimes the Universe brings situations to our life to break us into pieces so then we can remake the new person.

Knowing my fears was the main step of overcoming them because before I did not know that I had those fears.

One recent lesson I learned is that to love my fears and accept them as a part of me.  I understood how to accept my own dark side as a part of me. I was feeling relief after realizing the more I wanted to run away from my fears, they kept chasing me.  It was like I wanted to run away from my own self. One day, I was convinced that they are a part of me and they are there for a reason and in my heart. Love my fears.

A few weeks ago, I went to bank with my husband I was waiting for my number to be called.  Other times when I was waiting, my heart started to beat like a heavy drum.  However, that day I thought to myself:  Why am I scared?  Why am I scared of people?  I always thought, naturally, that people do not accept me or love me.  So, in a roundabout way, I always found a reason to run away from people, because I think that they do not accept me.  I fear for not being accepted and want to run away by producing lot of adrenaline within me.

Then I thought to myself:  “HEY!  Wait a minute!!  People love me!!  They accept me for who I am”.  At that same moment I felt as if suddenly my heart’s gates opened and love starts flooding out. I had been suffering all my life because of a wrongly implanted these negative thoughts.  To correct it I had to keep on saying to myself that everyone loves me until I was convinced of it.

This fear haunts all of us in life. We fear people will cheat us/harm us/trouble us/misuse us.  They will not accept us and so on and then we overreact to them.

When that deep hurt heals in our hearts, then the mind can concentrate on building ourselves up in a positive manner.  When I could concentrate more, I started seeing my own positive thoughts.  The moment we start to see our own fears and thoughts we can change them because we are aware.” 


Inoka made certain that she had clarity of her positive and negative thoughts.  With her support system, she convinced herself that this love WILL be out anything!  We are all in the process to better ourselves as we are all ‘fluid documents’.   We are ever changing and we need that epiphany or ‘AHA’ moment to clear our heads.   Take the time to meditate on a daily basis.  Negative thoughts come naturally.  It is up to us to use our critical thinking abilities to turn that frown upside down.   When we are completely honest with ourselves and our destinations, it will help us on our forward journey.



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