“Dale Spencer delivered the closing session at our Tri-state Leadership Conference and he did not disappoint. Not only was he a joy to work with in every phase of the engagement, but he presented a powerful message that was both informative and inspirational. Fear can be our enemy, but Dale shows us how to use it to our advantage.”

Becky S. Tongish  Senior Vice President  Kansas Bankers Association

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Dale Spencer spoke to our 100 employees on “Circumventing Fear to Embrace Change” at our yearly kick-off meeting  in January.  It was a great way for us to begin the year as Dale encouraged all of us to embrace change and not to let fear or adversity stand in our way. He did a great job in relating to our employees and moved everyone of us with his testimony of overcoming the many obstacles he faced after his accident.  Dale is a very inspiring speaker and young man. He was also very easy to deal with and I would highly recommend him as a keynote speaker!

President/CEO E.J. Basler, Co.

8554173_ml[1]“Dale Spencer delivers an inspirational personal story about living life after a spinal cord injury.  In spite of a sudden and devastating loss of a young man’s dreams and goals for a bright future, Dale tells how he overcame the struggles, worries and doubts after his injury through courage, determination and continued inspiration he receives from others injured before him.   Dale relates to his listeners with empathy and encouragement with a very personable and candid style of communication.”

Midge Willson RN WOCN
Manager, Clinical Education & Marketing, Hollister Incorporated

“We could not be happier to have had Dale Spencer as our guest speaker. Every year the Bartlett Rotary Club invites all the straight-“A” students from the local high schools to our “Honors Luncheon”. The event celebrates those who have achieved excellence in their high school years and introduces them to Rotary International. Because of the caliber of the guests, outstanding speakers are sought. Mr. Spencer does not disappoint.

His presentation titled “Overcoming Adversity and Fears” chronicled his accidental spine injury in college and his subsequent challenges and successes. He spoke frankly about the initial mental and physical hurdles which included depression and literally learning how to live within his new constraints. Rather than dwelling on the injury itself, Dale adroitly and with some humor relayed his minor achievements which led to his being totally self reliant.

Dale’s presentation was well prepared, easily understood, and riveting. He told his story with humility and humor. He obviously considered his audience in his preparation. Although his story is of such incredible adversity, the achievement of overcoming that adversity was the main message.

If ever you have a chance to have Dale Spencer as your guest speaker, do not hesitate. He is most cooperative in the scheduling process, arrives well prepared, and delivers a unique message. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.”

T.L. Arends
Bartlett Rotary Club



“…As a Keynote speaker, or as a team panelist, you are a passionate and professional presenter. You have a gift for connecting with people in the most genuine way, whether it is one-on-one, in the boardroom or speaking to an auditorium filled with kids. I have seen you in action for nearly twenty years, and you continue to capture my attention, along with every restless teenager in the room with your warm and thought-provoking style; from the moment you begin, you have everyone’s attention.”

Debby Gerhardstein
Executive Director, ThinkFirst


“Thanks for the opportunity to support Dale Spencer as a Keynote Speaker. I have now known Dale for many years, through his participation in the Thinkfirst National Injury Prevention Foundation. One of the strengths of the Foundation is that we have VIPs, voices of injury prevention, that go out to teach the curriculum from the perspective of someone who suffered an injury. Dale is perhaps the premier Thinkfirst VIP in the nation. His commitment to the cause and his speaking abilities are such that he rose to the level of the Board of Directors of the national ThinkFirst foundation, and I got to know him very well when I served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. I am continually impressed by his commitment, and the strength and motivation of his words. Hearing him speak has called me to action on many occasions, and he has affected countless youths with his words. You cannot go wrong with Dale Spencer.

Mark R. Proctor, M.D.
Children’s Hospital Boston


  “Dale is a real visionary with great people skills, follow through and attention to detail. People respond instinctively to Dale’s winning personality and I am proud to have worked closely with him and see his leadership capabilities.”

Peter Wilderotter
President and CEO,  Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation


9749919_ml“Dale’s presentation is nothing short of inspiring. Dale completely captures his audience with his energy, conviction and the undeniable truth of his message. His presentation is uplifting, entertaining and enlightening.”

Sue Salach
President, AgingInfoUSA


“…Dale’s presentation was both articulate and personal, the perfect blend that allowed my students to gain knowledge as well as an understanding of the impact of a spinal cord injury. He was generous with his time, and indulgent of the many questions my class asked. My students were impressed with his honesty, his positive energy, and his film production skills as well. The short film shared a variety of perspectives from young people dealing with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, and provided a platform for discussion. Overall, Dale made quite an impact, and sparked an interest in injury prevention as a potential career focus for a few of my students…”

Suzanne Carlberg-Racich, PhD, MSPH
Adjunct Faculty, DePaul University MPH Program


“I had the pleasure of having Mr. Dale Spencer speak at a group that I host and moderate which averages 50 high level attendees in transition every Friday in Naperville. The focus of Mr. Spencer’s speech was to inspire the attendees to overcome their anxieties and to learn to take on theDale Photo 3 various challenges we face in life head on.

In summary, Wow! Mr. Spencer delivered on all accounts. He told us in detail what caused his spinal cord injury that has left him in a wheelchair with intense details of what happened the night of the accident, the following days, and then the immediate challenges of the next weeks and months…… to read the rest click here

Mr. Quinn McCarthy
St Thomas the Apostle Church



“As a guest lecturer at Elmhurst College, Dale poignantly inspired my classroom full of future human service providers on the topic of People with Disabilities. Dale provided real life examples to bring the curriculum to life for my students. His speaking style engages and invites participation. My students continue to talk about the ways their lives were altered by this experience. I highly recommend Dale as a keynote speaker to any audience.”

Steve Ritter
                                                                     Founder of Tean-Clock, Adjunct Professor  Elmhurst College


 “I would highly recommend Dale Spencer as a speaker!  His professionalism and speaking ability are impressive.  Dale has spoken at “Crash!: A Teen Driving Summit” in Birmingham, Alabama two years in a row. The student evaluations consistently rate Dale as an effective, motivating speaker that they would like to hear each year. Professionally, Dale has been a pleasure to work with.  He tailors his message to fit the content of the speaking engagement, and his professional yet “laid back” demeanor fits with a variety of age groups.  Dale has been an invaluable speaker to my organization, and I hope to work with him more in the future!”

Vicki Hill, MSN, RN
State Chapter Director ThinkFirst Alabama


“Dale’s presentation, Overcoming Adversity and Fear, captured everyone’s attention with his energy, humor and positive attitude. His story and what he is doing with his life to help and encourage others is truly amazing. Dale touched everyone’s heart and made them think that anything is possible. Thank you Dale for making a difference!”

Phyllis Weiss
President, Stroke Survivors Empowering Each Other (SSEEO)


“Dale Spencer spoke at our recent Emergency Services Conference and “wowed” the audience with his life story of courage and determination to be the best that he can be. His inspiring words touched the emergency medical services providers and provided a rare “after the call” look at  how his life was forever changed. His enthusiasm, high motivation and hard work in setting and meeting his goals was very inspiring and his energy is amazing! I would highly recommend him as a speaker for any group.”

Kathy Mitchell
Marketing Coordinator, Flight for Life

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“Dale Spencer offered a compelling and thought provoking message appropriate for audiences of all ages. His honesty and humor truly resonated with our high school students, and they are still talking about his visit. I would highly recommend this speaker to anyone who is looking for a good way to encourage all of us to think before we act.”

Gayle E. Hutton:

Director of Development  The Gow School


“I would highly recommend Dale Spencer as a speaker to any group. Dale’s presentation of determination is genuine, positive and thought provoking. His personal story of triumph over adversity and commitment to continuous and never ending improvement was a perfect motivation and life lesson for our team. The players and coaches were completely engaged, inspired and moved by Dale’s story. I look forward to having Dale back to speak with our teams in the future.”

Dale Spencer offered a compelling and thought provoking message appropriate for audiences of all ages. His honesty and humor truly resonated with our high school students, and they are still talking about his visit. I would highly recommend this speaker to anyone who is looking for a good way to encourage all of us to think before we act.

Mike Stine

Head Football Coach, Naperville Central High School                                                                                                                                                                                 



I had the pleasure of working with Dale Spencer this spring on a testimonial video in support of Hollister Secure StartTM services. My team and I asked Dale to participate in this project because of his optimistic outlook and strong speaking skills. Dale did not let us down: he told his story with confidence and conviction and the process of working with him was very enjoyable. Dale is a wheelchair user, however his independence, “can do” attitude and thirst for adventure rival most able bodied individuals. Dale is an inspiration for anyone looking to do better.

Lydia Cannady
Hollister Incorporated


“Dale is the ideal speaker. He captured and held the attention of the audience immediately. He was engaging and relevant. The students were inspired and asked him the best questions we’ve heard all year. We definitely want him back.  Thank you for all you do!”

Katie Giannatasio—–Northern Illinois University


“The event went well and Dale was definitely a big hit.  We received a great deal of positive feedback about his presentation immediately following the event, and anticipate the survey we’ll be sending out will reflect more of the same.  Would be happy to share that feedback with you once you have it.”

“Dale’s presentation was extremely motivational and inspirational, and he provided many powerful examples of how to overcome fear and to push yourself to be your best – regardless of the circumstances.  There was also a well-received interactive component with the audience during which they were encouraged to speak about their own fears, inside and outside the workplace.  In addition, Dale was very professional, courteous and obviously committed to the success of the event.”

Advocate Medical Center/Dreyer 


Dale Spencer provided the perfect closing keynote for our event.  His message is inspiring and universal, and it resonated with participants.  They walked away feeling inspired and returned to their workplaces with a positive, success-driven attitude.

Kevin Menzer-COO

Management Association of Illinois


Some of our eighth grade students at Abbott Middle School had the opportunity to hear Dale speak at our No Excuses University College and Career Day. His story of overcoming adversity and fears fit right into the occasion because he spoke about how he decided to return to college soon after his accident, the difficulties he faced along the way, and how he reached his chosen career path. His story is truly inspirational and one that includes “no excuses.” When reviewing our day with my Ed. Resource group, they shared that they thought he was easy to talk with and ask questions. In one student’s words, “He was a normal guy with a story that makes you think you can do whatever you want to one day.” As a teacher, I believe that his message is one that all students can benefit from.

Chris Zugel

Abbott Middle School-School District U-46


“I just thought you all should know that last week I had the pleasure of attending Dale’s Learn Over Lunch. It was hands down the best Learn Over Lunch I have participated in. I thought his interactive style allowed each individual to walk away with insight in to how to be more successful.

If you are looking for a speaker for any event you have found the perfect fit with Dale. He has it all. He uses personal experiences to relate to his audience and remind people that overcoming obstacles is not a burden but a requirement that every person in this world faces. He enlightens participants that they choose how to react to their own obstacles. Dale engages his audience and pushes them to understand what challenges they are facing and how they can change the way they attack these challenges to better themselves both personally and in business. Dale uses humor to make the time you spend with him educational and enjoyable. His presentation style offers a fresh approach to the motivation speech. Very few people like to be talked at, instead they want to be included in a conversation and Dale understands the difference. I would highly encourage you to contact Dale about your next event. I am certain upon calling Dale you will immediately know you have found the right person for the job!”

Carolyn LaBahn
Deli TIme


“Dale Spencer spoke at one of the seminars GOA Regional Business Association hosted and was a wonderful and engaging.  The room was full of conversation and all those that attended walked away with a better insight about themselves and one another.  I would highly recommend Dale as a speaker and look forward to having him back very soon.”

Lori Urbaniec – Vice President

GOA  Regional Business Association


“I recently attended an event (Greater O’Hare Association’s Learn Over Lunch) with Dale Spencer as our speaker.  I was very excited to hear Dale speak as we have been networking together for several years now.  He did not disappoint.  I found his presentation extremely engaging. His topic and content were relevant but there was way more to it than that.  He spoke to us like we were all close friends, he challenged us and enlightened us.  To top it all off he added the perfect level of humor to the presentation that many speakers try to steer very clear of.  It worked for Dale, and I think he would be a valuable speaker for any organization or group.

Kari-Ann B. Ryan, Marketing Director

WAC Solution Partners-Midwest


I have known Dale Spencer personally and professionally for over 10 years, and have worked with him on addressing variety of issues people with disabilities face every day.  He is a true advocate and spokesperson, and offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise from living with a disability for over 25 years. 

As a professional and a public speaker, Dale has exceptional communication skills and has the ability to connect with people and engage with them on a personal level.  He is compassionate and a tireless leader who is well respected by his peers. I would highly recommend Dale for your next event

Bill Bogdan, Disability Liaison, Illinois Secretary of State

Fear Boring 090714



During planning for our quarterly leadership meeting, we realized how valuable it would be to have someone from outside the organization bring a unique perspective to the day.  Dale’s presentation turned out to be everything we hoped it would.   The audience was captivated, motivated and moved by his words, and there’s no question the theme of ‘overcoming fear’ resonated well with a large group of leaders trying to adapt to an ever-evolving industry like healthcare.”

Gerry O’Keefe  Director, Physician Public Affairs & Marketing  Advocate Health Care


We found Dale’s talk both inspirational and offering great insights to conquering fear.  Our members enjoy his presentation thoroughly.


Manager, Gray Hair Management, LLC

I attended the GHM session yesterday and wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for sharing your story. As I reflect on my life I have had the good fortune to have been raised in a loving family, married a loving wife and raise a couple of great kids, and have enjoyed many friendships. I am truly thankful. Other than being in a job transition (third time time in 5 years) I have little to complain about, and always search for silver linings.


Good Day, Dale

Thank you again for a great presentation, I have a saying I read every day and most when I am being rejected for a position I have applied for or just negative statements “Never lose sight of where you want to end up. Failing is a single event. Failure is when you let that event take control of your life”.   Sometimes it’s hard to believe in but it is a true statement and it keeps you focus.

Dale –

I just wanted to say thank you for your inspirational presentation on Tuesday at the Gray Hair Management event. The obstacles that you have overcome make me appreciate how lucky I am – your phrase “Fear Not – Embrace Life’s Journey” will help me push forward during my job search.  Your time & effort is greatly appreciated and will remind me that the right attitude always turns lemons into lemonade.



Gray Hair Management, LLC (Job Transition Networking)

Dale Spencer presented his tips on overcoming fear to an eager audience. Dale is a humorous, confident, and approachable speaker. He offered practical tips, spoke in a friendly manner, and kept the audience engaged. The crowd had nothing but positive reviews.


Stacy Michel Program Manager Gail Borden Public Library District

022015 posted on FB & TW

Barrington Area Mens Breakfast

Hi Dale!  this is William from the men meeting.  I will like to say thank you for reaching out to me. I am so happy that God had place me around great man let your self and others. This has been a Goal of mine for over 20 years. So I thank God & I listen to him.

Mr. Spencer came to our Parish and met with two groups:  The Middle/High School students of Lake Michigan Catholic Schools in the afternoon and parishioners from various local parishes in the evening.  For both groups, his presentation was well received, inspiring and captivated both students and adults.

He challenged the teens to make the correct choices in decision making.  He taught all of us to implore God to help us in our choices with numerous stories from his own experiences,  He noted that both Fear and physical disabilities can be overcome as we strive to succeed in our endeavors.

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