Naked with their socks on…

Recently, I had a connection through one of my Social Media relationships. Her fear resonated with me as I was petrified to speak in front of an audience. Although there were only 30 people in a speech class, I could not perform. I felt overwhelmed and blew off the preparation to give an exemplary presentation. As a result, I received a zero for the class. My friend, Susan, had a similar experience:

“At University (about a million years ago it seems), I had to give a presentation in front of the class. I fainted due to panic. Hmmm. My professor had suggested to exercise the following:

(1) Practice in front of a mirror,

(2) Imagine the audience naked, with their socks on.

Stupid, but it worked. I have presented and facilitated in front of more than a 100 people at a time, and have become really good at it (am really at home in front of a group now). Am always nervous before hand, but learned to love the nerves… gives me the edge… So, this was a change in perspective.”

Susan realized that even though she was nervous giving a talk in front of her audience, she knew how to utilize pragmatic tools for success. Her preparation and levity drove her to yearn for each Keynote speaking opportunity. She was NOT concerned about what others thought about her. She knew that the end goal was to convey a message to educate and to deliver inspiration to her audiences.

Perspective makes ALL the difference in the world. Find out, deep inside, what gives you that ‘edge’ and not worry about what others think of your performance.



  1. Practicing with mirror was good in XX century, does not work anymore, Technology moved on and I’d suggest to use camera. Practice with camera and record.
    It adds additional pressure and also gives you opportunity to review, make notes, improve!

  2. Speaking in front of an audience of strangers can be fear provoking, even paralyzing but the good news is that being nervous actually, gives you strength. The need to fight or flight is directly correlated to fear. An on site flight is rare leaving you with your unique fight, your personal struggles, your story, film, your lasting focus. This will work for you and your audience because embracing fear shines bright and that light ignites an awakening amongst others, more importantly, it is what gives you that shine. The energy that Dale Spencer gives away is a result of his signature sight, his personal, pervasive perspective and that is the most important part of this entire connection. If I am speaking to a thousand people who are all world renowned, my fear will harden my resolve and soften my harshest critics. If I can relate to the President, being that he were in the audience, I would love to feel his fear getting off of the school bus, his first day of second grade. He was undoubtedly scared and it was I, who comforted him. My point is that in the beginning, middle and end, we have all felt fear so WE love overcoming it and recognize those who have. My personal story epitomizes fear and then rising above it. I’m so glad to have gone through my God given journey and so now, let the God in me touch the God in you.
    Timothy Leeb

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