What can I expect from a Dale Spencer Presentation?

Dale Spencer’s presentations take his audiences on a heartfelt, funny, eye-opening journey through life’s trials and tribulations. By intermixing anecdotes with real challenges, he is able to make his presentations relatable to a large variety of people. Audiences leave feeling uplifted and empowered.

Can Dale’s presentations be customized?

Yes! Dale can alter his presentations to either include or exclude certain content and to speak directly to your business’ news, trends and challenges. Dale requires a pre-booking questionnaire to be completed in order for him to be able to incorporate relevant industry news and specific organization news into his presentation.  Please refer to his media kit for the questionnaire.

Are Dale’s presentations interactive?

Yes! Audience participation is encouraged. Dale provides a worksheet the covers some of his key points that is structured in a fill in the blank format. Dale also includes a question and answer period at the end of his presentation.

Are Dale’s presentations suitable for all audiences and age groups?

Yes! Dale has spent nearly 20 years speaking to audiences aged 12-100.  His messages are about empowerment and positive outcomes to rational, thoughtful considerations. His programs are tailored to the make-up of the audience.

Are my audiences going to be motivated by the end of Dale’s presentation?

Yes! Dale’s presentations leave his audiences feeling empowered and motivated with a fresh outlook on life and its inherent challenges, both professional and personal.

What other elements are part of Dale’s presentation?

Dale uses audio/visual elements in some of his presentations. Dale does not rely on gimmicks or sight gags, but instead relates to his audiences in a real and meaningful way. Please refer to his requirement page.

How long are Dale’s presentations?

Dale’s programs can be adjusted to fit your event’s timeframe. Typically his presentations last about 30 with a 10-20 minute Question and Answer session at the end. Dale will work with you to accommodate your time slots.

Are we allowed to video/record Dale’s presentations?

Audio/visual recording is strictly prohibited without Dale’s written consent.